Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

# 4 - southbound, Southland Park

Since we had parked on the street in front of our building last night, we had to move the car this morning. We have a spot in a new garage now closer to our new condo (by the end of this week, we hope). R. offered to drive me to work but I said we could just park at the new garage and I'd walk to the stop at Broadway. First, our new parking card didn't work so R. has to get that fixed (as it was, he was blocked from leaving the old garage yesterday--they deactivated the old one right away but apparently did not activate the new one yet). I made it to the bus stop and checked my phone - 7:24. I checked the schedule - the Iroquois Park bus was due at 7:25. Sweet, I thought. Meanwhile, different buses passed on Broadway. A northbound #4 came by. An "Out of Service" bus passed on Broadway. Another northbound #4 came by. Then at 7:40 the #4 Southland Park bus arrived. What happened to the Iroquois Park bus? This bus was somewhat full for that time of day, but I was able to get a seat near the front.

A woman boarded south of Broadway talking on her cell phone. Part of the conversation sounded like something about housing discrimination based on sexual orientation. Not good at all. Then it moved to the LEO's story on strip clubs closing down. I got off at Brandeis and saw the woman walking into the library when I approached, still talking on her phone.

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