Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

# 4 - Iroquois Park

I got up 10 minutes earlier today but left 10 minutes later, which had me waiting for the 8:02-ish bus at 4th & Broadway. As the bus approached on Broadway, a man in a winter cap with ear flaps made the rounds looking for change. First he went to the men: Come over here for a minute...TARC fare? If you're going to ask for money, then you should approach the person and not ask them to approach you. Not that I think it would make much difference in the end.

Then he asked me. It is not a lie when I say I have absolutely no change. He thanked me and then thanked the young woman at the stop on her laptop, who was successfully ignoring him. Thank you lady with the computer...Lady with the computer, thank you. Yeah, she's not going to look up. Then he crossed the street and headed towards the eastbound #23 stop, so who knows what bus he was even trying to catch.

The girl with the computer had crossed Broadway with the Dell laptop open in her arms -- that's impressive. She was studying advanced chemistry. It is finals week.

I guess everyone was running a little late this morning -- the blind woman from the library was on my bus and I usually see her earlier. The driver missed the stop and apologized. The passenger had not pulled the cord and the driver had not heard her say what stop she needed when she boarded. The driver offered to walk the woman over to the library, but the woman said she was fine. A few stops later, the crossing guard boarded behind a man in an electric wheelchair with an oxygen tank.

Along 4th Street, I saw a woman in an electric wheelchair smoking a cigarette with her (assistance?) dog between her feet. And strangest of all, I think someone stole the park benches out of Central Park. I saw the vertical supports and the horizontal support at the base, but no seat and no backrest on at least 4 benches. And those were just the ones visible from the bus.

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