Friday, April 8, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

# 4 - Downtown/Medical Center

I thought I would be the bus story. I carried home on the bus a paper box (a box that holds reams of paper) with two empty shipping boxes inside, plus my lunchbag, coffee mug, and jacket. We are moving and need boxes and I decided 3 boxes were good for a bus ride. Fortunately, the bus was not crowded so I could have an aisle seat and have the boxes next to me. Although a part of me still thought I should sit in one seat with the boxes in my lap, I resisted.

A man in hospital scrubs with a tattoo on the back of his neck sat in the sideways seats behind the driver. Across the aisle sat a very large man. Later, a tiny elderly man with aviator-type sunglasses boarded and sat next to the large man but was turned so that he faced the front of the bus. He wore a suit and carried a jacket.

Along 4th street south of the public library, a woman and her daughter hooked the girl's bike up to the front of the bus and boarded. When I got off the bus, R., who met me at the stop, commented on the kid's  bike and said he bet it wasn't actually for a kid. But it was!

At 5th and Broadway, a woman waiting at the stop looked like she was carrying a telescope. It was a long, thick white cylindrical tube with a black top. On second thought, I thought it might be a tube to hold blueprints or other drawings. Neither of the above. It was a snowman. A cylindrical snowman with a face and a black hat and mistletoe or ivy at the base. In April.

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