Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

# 4 - Iroquois Park

The driver and the former security guard passenger were discussing the budget situation. Politics on the bus, fun!
Driver: The Republicans have got an agenda...They're going after Planned Parenthood...and other services...They want to get rid of all the programs for the poor.
Security guy: They'll only shut down non-essential employees.
Driver: They're not gonna shut it down!
Conversation about how much of the budget goes to military and how much waste there is in military budget. Driver: *Your* senators are doing this.
Security guy: They're not mine! I didn't vote for Rand Paul. And I certainly didn't vote for Mitch. I didn't even like him as county judge.
Driver: Rand Paul is going to be our next president!
Security guy: Ha! You hear Donald Trump is talking about running now.

Conversation about how disconcerting it is when there's no one at 4th and Oak Street -- no one walking, no one sitting at the stops, no one standing around, no one waiting for a bus.

Woman: The government's closed today.
Security: No, that's not until tonight.
Driver: They're not gonna shut down the government down!
Woman: No, not that one. Parole has a furlough today.
[Not sure how that relates to an empty 4th & Oak Street]
Security: Kids are on spring break this week. It ends today.
2nd Woman: Thank god. I want my kids back in school.

When I got off the bus, the driver and security guy were talking about taxes and local services.

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