Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

#4 - Downtown/Medical Center

Because of an early morning awakening due to fire trucks and the smell of smoke (we never did find out where the fire was), I was exhausted at work. I left early and took the 11:17 bus home because I knew I'd be no good without a nap. Three young women were sitting one in front of the other eating buffalo chicken sandwiches. That sauce smelled so good. First they were talking about where to get their transfer bus and where they were going. One said she could have gotten a ride. Another said, I'm not getting in a car with someone I don't know.

Then they started talking about getting their uniforms for work and the people they have to work with. Because of the season and the fact they were traveling north, I assumed they worked in food service at Churchill Downs. One young woman said, Last year when I was 17 people kept telling me what to do. They're not my supervisor, they're not my manager. They told me to respect my elders. They need to respect me.

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