Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

# 23 - westbound
# 4 - soutbound (Southland Park)

I dropped the car off at the Firestone at Broadway and Preston (turn left at the Martin Luther statue! The shop is next to a Lutheran church) and then caught the # 23 westbound to get to work. The bus was pretty crowded so I grabbed a pole and stood. The bearded man who boarded behind me stumbled when the bus started up and half fell into me and a man sitting

The man who was sitting said to me, Ma'am, would you like to sit down?

I started to say no thank you because I was only riding a few blocks.

Cuz your pocketbook is in my face.

I apologized and tucked the bag against me. But, dude, your face is in my pocketbook. He had the first seat facing front but was sitting facing the aisle and half blocking the aisle.

Then the pocketbook man (PM) and bearded man (BM) bonded over the stumbling incident and then quickly moved onto highly personal issues.

PM: I tried staying in a hotel...But I love my wife...I can't leave her...We've been married 5 years...She was a dental hygienist so she really knows the body [?!?!]. She saved my life, man. Brought me back to life.

BM: I've been there.

PM: People jealous of what we had and they try to keep us apart...

BM: Family can do that. They're jealous because they don't have what you have. But if you have a Pure Love...  

Then I had to get off the bus and cross at 4th to catch the # 4 so missed the rest of the talk therapy session. The # 4 stop was uneventful: a few smokers and a college student with her iPod on loud. The former TARC security guy was on the bus but wasn't engaged in conversation with the driver.

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