Thursday, March 10, 2011

One of the 10 best cities for commuters?

According to Kiplinger, Louisville is # 9 on the list. Really?

Apparently, this list only takes into account commuting time and costs for drivers and not non-car options. Obviously because Louisville has no commuter or passenger rail system, a weak bus system, and no car sharing service yet (hello, Zipcar!). And Kiplinger obviously was here on a rare day when some portion of Spaghetti Junction wasn't backed up. And now River Road is closed between 3rd Street and 8th Street because of flooding.

Also, this description:

At the intersection of the Watterson (I-264) and Gene Snyder (I-265) highways, Louisville offers 13 city-owned downtown parking garages and six lots. Commuters can buy monthly parking permits or use prepaid parking meter smart cards, which refund the minutes you don’t use. Commutes are shorter, 
congestion is low. 

isn't even accurate. It makes it sound like downtown is at I-264 and I-265, when neither of those even go through downtown. You will end up on 64 or 65, probably both. Are 13 garages and six lots really a good thing? Does this include the new garages being built by the Henry Clay and the Zirmed building? Or the possibility of the Whiskey Row Iron Quarter Parking Lot?

The prepaid parking meter cards are pretty sweet--you also get a discount using those instead of change. But you can still only pay for 2 hours at a time.

One of the things about Louisville is you can drive pretty much anywhere in 20 minutes. Except when it takes an hour because an 18-wheeler overturned at Hospital Corner or there's a basketball game or a random road closure or construction projects or some combination of the above, plus more.

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