Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

# 4 - southbound / Iroquois Park

I was listening to my Learn Spanish downloads on the iPod but turned them off to listen to the two men actually speaking Spanish on the bus. It was mainly the man behind me who alternated between English and Spanish. I caught Yo voy. and ....contigo. And something like ...le ferente [?]He gave the 2nd man candy and they discussed the route.

A third, non-Spanish speaking man, got on at 4th & Broadway and sat in the last sideways seat on the passenger side. I was in the first forward-facing seat and the Spanish speaker was in the row behind me. The Spanish speaker said good morning to the new guy. They shook hands and new guy said How's it going, dude? The Spanish speaker said something about a wonderful day and then repeated himself. I thought at first he was commenting that it was a wonderful day but then realized he was telling the new guy to have a wonderful day. You too, man. Bless you. You too, man. Well, see you later. The new guy got off about 4 stops after he got on. Then the Spanish speaker coughed all over my back.

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