Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

# 4 - northbound

I boarded at the Stansbury Park stop, and for some reason the bus drove right past the Brandeis stop, even though there were a handful of people there and it's the only bus on that route. I've been skipped at the park stop but never Brandeis, which is at a light.

Two men behind me were speaking Spanish, which I am trying to learn. I couldn't understand much except for words like "ella" (she). I've been very involved in the storylines of Univision's telenovela Eva Luna (description in English although possibly translated from the Spanish) for the past few weeks and have picked up vocabulary from there, but the men were not talking about anyone cheating, being pregnant, lying about being dead, or stealing money. American soap operas have nothing on telenovelas.

A man boarded at Kentucky, and for various reasons I can't fully articulate, I quickly decided he was homeless. Then I realized he was carrying plastic Kroger bags and decided he was just on his way home from the grocery store (even though the closest Kroger is north of this stop, not south). Then he tried to strike up a conversation with another man--an older man on the other side of the bus and a couple rows back looking out the window. They did not appear to know each other--one clue: the first guy yelled, "Hey you!" I got off at Broadway and didn't know what kind of conversation, if any, ensued.

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