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Monday, February 14, 2011

# 18 - Eastbound

A new bus, shocking! The TARC schedule changed for a few routes on February 13. The 18 was one that changed. I'm pretty sure it wasn't this convenient before to get to the medical office where most of my appointments are. Today's trip was for the dentist. I know why people dread the dentist. I have "fabulous" teeth (because I got all my bad habits out of the way with my baby teeth) and the cleaning still left my mouth sore.

I walked to Cardinal and Brook from campus in blustery weather (it had warmed up to above freezing but was windy and not too sunny) but had time so walked up to the Lee Street stop instead. I had even more time than I thought since the 2:23 bus was five minutes late. The stop is across the street from Manual High School which seemed to have just let out. 2:30-ish seems early for high school dismissal, but I really don't remember what my schedule was in high school. The rest of the route is rather industrial and worn looking -- a garbage transfer station, warehouses, train tracks, sad-looking houses, and an empty park.

We passed Albert J. Meyzeek Middle School, which is a math/science magnet school I had never heard of before. It is also next to the Sheppard Square housing development, which I have heard of. The bus passed a small group of junior high girls with large Mylar balloons. Someone from the back of the bus yelled that the girls were waving the bus down (they weren't at a stop). The bus pulled to the corner and eventually two or three girls with heart-shaped balloons boarded. I got off one block away from the dentist's office.

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