Friday, February 4, 2011

How to pick a seat on the bus

Everyone seems to have different preferences--some just automatically stand behind the driver and don't sit at all, even if there are plenty of available seats. I've given up on sitting in the first set of seats reserved for the Elderly and Disabled. Odds are you'll have to move anyway and all the other good spots have been taken by then. Plus, I don't like trying to decide if the person getting on the bus falls under "Elderly" or "Disabled." It bothers me when the driver lowers the bus for me or if someone offers me a seat, and I'm only in my early 30s. If you're not in the reserved seat, you don't have to worry about that as much. I also don't like to sit in the seats in the back that face sideways because they make me feel sick, but I often end up there anyway.

How I choose a seat:
1) Skip the reserved seats.
2) Scan the bus for two empty seats together. If yes, sit in the window seat. If no, see #3.
3) Scan the bus for an empty aisle seat next to someone who is not trying to take up the aisle seat  (for example, someone with a lot of bags or with their (his) legs spread too far apart), someone who is not eating or drinking, and someone who does not smell too strongly of cigarette smoke. The people on cell phones are good because they don't care about you anyway. Preferably a seat in the front 2/3 of the bus. If yes, sit in the aisle seat. If no, see #4.
3.5) Silently glare at the people sitting in aisle seats with no one in the window seat but don't actually ask them to move over or let you in even though you resent that they're taking up two seats and not moving over on their own. You only get one seat, and on the bus you're not even guaranteed that.
4) Take one of the seats in the back that face sideways if there is an end seat or two empty seats (the bar gets in the way and it's tight to sit right between two people). If yes, take a seat. If no, see #5.
5) Stand on the bus near the back doors or behind the driver if there's space. I've never really had to stand on the bus in between the doors except a few times when the bus was so crammed you just skipped straight to "stand where you can and hope a bunch of people get off soon."

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