Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

# 4 southbound
#19 eastbound
# 23 westbound

# 4 southbound

Doctor's appointment and then on to work. The timing of the first set of buses worked out perfectly for me. For the second set, I waited about 5 minutes for the 23 and then waited 8 minutes or so for the 4. At one of the stops for the 23, I saw a man pick up a just-dropped cigarette and use it to light his own. On the second #4, the blind student with the Doberman and the blind student with the cane with a little wheel were both on the bus.

I stopped at the convenience store before heading into work. The owner has this thing about calling women "sweetie." He is not from the United States, and I cannot place his country of origin, but I wonder if it's a term that just doesn't translate well. I've had the waitresses and bus drivers and other people who say "hon," or "sweetie," but he peppers it throughout a single, brief transaction. Hello, sweetie - how are you? Is that it for you, sweetie? Thank you, sweetie. Have a nice day, sweetie.

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  1. When we were mortgage shopping, the guy at the bank called me Sweetie and I complained. He was like... just what we do down here. I told him it was an insult. Got our mortgage elsewhere.