Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tueday, December 2, 2010

# 4 - southbound, Iroquois Park

Today's lesson is patience. I left the house in the morning before R. was ready because it was a few minutes past the time we needed to leave for me to catch the 7:39 bus. I got to the stop at 7:37 with no sign of the bus approaching, so I walked a block to the next stop. At 7:45 the bus arrived -- I could have walked two more stops, but the worst thing is to be halfway between two stops when the bus finally shows up. I saw R. walking down the street at the corner of stop #1 as the bus approached me at stop #2. How do you plan your day on the assumption that the bus will be 6 minutes late?

At 4th & Breckinridge, a woman got on the bus and asked the driver if our bus went to a certain location. I think she was trying to get to Oxmoor since the driver said to take the #19 or the #29. Neither of which intersect with the #4 at Breckinridge. She'd have to go north on 4 to catch the 19 or south to catch the 29. The 4 is north-south and the 19 and 29 are east-west. This discussion lasted 2.5 cycles of the traffic light. While we were already running late. And the woman ended up not riding our bus. I got to the office about 10 minutes later than usual and 50 minutes after I left the house. To travel 3 miles.

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