Friday, December 10, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

# 4, northbound, after work

My new normal 4:16 bus. It was pretty crowded when I got on, but I was able to get an aisle seat near the front. The man in the window seat had Wide Leg Syndrome and was sitting at an angle and didn't make much of an attempt to scoot over or close his legs. I was squeezed against the edge of the seat trying not to block the aisle. You're only entitled to one seat, and on the bus, not even that sometimes.

There was a loud group of young men in the back of the bus, late teens. Two of them were talking loudly, one louder than the other, but I think there were more than 2 of them just because it seemed like they were performing for other people, and I don't think the other people were the rest of the bus passengers. It's the kind of conversation teenage boys might have with a group of friends but not the kind that should be shared loudly on a public bus. Like many conversations in Kentucky, it started with basketball and a debate over the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville teams and then continued from there.

Basketball is my church!

You lie! How can someone who goes to church [real church, not basketball?] lie so much. You're a fuckin' liar!  You go to St. Stephen's every Sunday morning and then you fuckin' lie to my face?!

Something about someone's mother.

Homophobic slurs.

More uses of fuck and its other forms as an adjective.

Something about bitches.

The man next to me made a comment to me, but I was annoyed by his Seat Hogging and didn't want to bond with him over the loud teens in the back so I pretended not to hear him. I sat squeezed in my seat with my bag in my lap, sweating with my winter hat and gloves still on because I had no space to remove them.

The bus driver, like the Wizard of Oz, spoke through the microphone up front: You need to stop the profanity back there. But like the wizard, her proclamations proved ineffective. This happened twice, but it didn't stop the profanity and didn't even lead them to lower their voices. I'm sure there is a rule about it somewhere, but it's not one of the listed "No eating / No drinking / No guns / No loud music" rules. I wondered if the driver had the authority to kick someone off the bus.

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