Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Monday, December 7, 2010

# 4, southbound, Louisville Industrial Center

I slept in this morning so caught the 7:51 instead of my normal 7:39 bus. A young man and woman sat down behind me at 4th & Broadway. Much of their ride involved talking to "Troy" on a cell phone about meeting at the U of L Library (If you're on TARC already, just ask for directions.) and about the weather. We just got on the bus. Troy, it's cold out... Where are you at? It's cold, Troy. He possibly was on the bus behind us (our bus may have been running a few minutes late), so they got off at Hill to catch the next bus and reunite with Troy. In the cold.

And it was cold outside. 16 degrees and lower with the windchill. A man got on the bus wearing a fitted leopard-print fur coat.

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