Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

# 23 westbound
# 4 southbound, mid-morning

I waited for about 5 minutes on Broadway for the #23 after walking south from my doctor's appointment. A man already at the shelter and smoking a cigarette offered me a wall calendar. I missed what the specific theme was. He then asked if I was waiting for the 23 or the 43, and since I was standing by the posted schedule, asked what time the 43 came. 10:36. I said. So about 15 more minutes.

A few minutes later he asked me what time it was. As I pulled my phone out of my coat pocket, he said something about the weather, perhaps because my gloves were also in my pockets (with the sun and walk, it was warm enough to be bare-handed). They said we're supposed to get 3 inches, he said. I only like snow on Christmas. As my bus arrived, he told me to have a Merry Christmas. You too, I said.

At the stop for the #4 a man was listening to music on his cell phone without headphones. It is a truth universally acknowledged that the louder someone else's music is the least likely you are to actually enjoy it. I went ahead and put in my earbuds and turned on my iPod. On the bus, as the driver pulled away from the stop, an older man stood between the lane and the parking lane waving a transfer ticket in his hand. Oh no, the driver said, I am not stopping for you as she waved her arm in the universal sign of "get away from me." I sense a TARC history between those two.

The man with the cellphone, who did turn his music off once on the bus, got off one stop later, a very short block away and headed north on 4th Street. I don't understand people sometimes. Perhaps he was the one who left the manila folder on the bench at Broadway.

#4, northbound, after work

An adult woman and an older man were sitting in front of me -- possibly father and daughter. The woman had a litany of complaints about a recent dining experience -- overcharged, etc., and said she didn't leave a tip. We were just passing the public library when she said something about a man using the university library and not the public library because they have a children's section at the public library and he can't go there. Oh.

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