Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

#4 - northbound

Have you ever seen a Doberman seeing-eye dog before? A college-aged man got on the bus at my stop with a Doberman as either a vision-assistance dog or for another service-assistance need. The dog was huge but very well behaved. Quieter and took up less space than the yellow lab seeing-eye dog I've seen on the bus before with a different college-aged man. The lab sits kind of in the aisle but the doberman was under the front side row of seats. The young man had multiple piercings in his eyebrow and wore a Delta Upsilon t-shirt. A woman on the bus with a huge walking shopping cart seemed to know him or at least she talked like she knew him.

As an aside, those carts are really impractical. When they're empty, they fold flat but long, so that's awkward on the bus unless you can use that front area where people put their grocery bags or strollers. When it's full, it's deep and wide and too big for that front area and too big to tuck next to you. It only seems to be useful for the time when you're walking from the bus home with groceries. Someone needs to design a better cart.

Two young women stood across the street at the corner of 4th & Broadway by the Brown Hotel. One had a camera, and the other had a trumpet. The one with the trumpet posed with the instrument to her mouth while the other took pictures. A car drove by and the driver looked over and yelled something. [Something clever I'm sure. I've never heard anything more than "Woo-hoo!" or variations of before.]

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