Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wednesday, November 4, 2010

#4 southbound, Southland Park

This morning there were two university students with interesting hair. I've seen them both before but I don't know that I've seen them on the same bus. One sat right in front of me and the other sat diagonally in front of her. Staring at the back of their heads, I realized that maybe I don't focus on how the back of my hair looks enough. Girl #1 has layers that are styled so that her hair has a stylized windblown look, as though the wind blew against the back of her head and pushed the hair forward but in a very neat and non-messy way. Girl #2 had a modernized seventies-punk shag style that was dyed a shade of tangerine.


I haven't heard any election talk on the bus this week. It was interesting during the campaign period to see ads for a House candidate on the back of some buses -- or maybe it was the same route, as I always only saw the ad on a bus at 8th & Jefferson. That candidate lost. No ads inside the buses.

Will the new mayor bring wireless to the buses? Do we care? On my bus routes, riders seem to be divided among 1) people who have 3G phones and don't need wi-fi, 2) people who don't have laptops or phones with Internet capability, and 3) people who don't care (or people who don't have cell phones). Perhaps other routes are different. I'd rather see a focus on replacing all older buses with hybrids and improving the schedule -- having the buses run more frequently, redeveloping the routes that were cut, and having the buses run on time.

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