Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

#4 - southbound

The driver and a passenger talked politics. This'll be Abramson's last Light Up Louisville, the passenger said. It was his last Derby, too. [Last hike-n-bike, too, I suppose. The man is running for lieutenant governor next year, however. It's not like he's crawling into a hole.]

Then the passenger and another man started talking about the fire* on 4th Street. Debris was on the sidewalk in front of the check-cashing place, which actually closed a couple months ago. There may or may not have been damage to the beauty salon [Miss Kay's] and barbershop on either side. The Chinese restaurant at the corner looked fine. By the afternoon, the debris was gone, and the check-cashing place's windows were boarded up.

* They said there was a fire, but I did not see anything in the news. If there was, something happened Monday evening or early, early Tuesday, because there was nothing amiss when the bus went by Monday afternoon.

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