Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

# 4 - northbound after work

Greyhound driver. The bus was about 4 minutes late, which means I caught it 8 minutes earlier than I planned. I was already on the bus when a man in the back yelled to the driver to wait up. A woman scurried up to the bus and boarded. Then the man in back yells, Hey, sweetheart!

Wouldn't you like to board a bus just to be minorly sexually harrassed? Turns out, he recognized a different woman on the bus and went up to sit with her and talk.

Then another man yelled Hey, sweetheart...girl in the purple hat. Now my hat was grey, but the woman in the purple hat two seats in front of me turned around and glared and then ignored him the rest of the ride. I kept my headphones on.

Along the ride, a few more good samaritans notified the driver of people running to catch the bus. When the bus is late, I'm personally against stopping because the odds are the person was actually early for the next bus. But in the world of TARC, you can't be sure if there is a next bus. And I'm always grateful when the driver waits for me, so I should accept the courtesy extended to others.

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