Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

# 4 - northbound

Today's driver missed his calling as a tour guide or train operator. Usually, you're lucky if the driver announces the cross streets at all, even in a muffled or mumbled tone into the microphone. Today's driver announced all the transfer stops and the transfer buses, plus he noted some of the landmarks we passed along the way:

Hill Street, transfer point for the 27 east and westbound.

Spalding University and Friendship House!

York Street, Louisville public library main branch!

Next stop is 4th & Broadway! Transfer point for the 23 east and westbound. [series of bus numbers] northwest corner.

He reminded me a little of a bus driver I had in Bloomington once on the Campus Shuttle route, which, even though it was a city route, picked up mostly students and took them to IU. We were stopped at a light "downtown" when the driver announced into the microphone, And to the left you see the city jail. Wave up to the prisoners on the 6th floor -- they like to see the buses go by.

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