Monday, October 25, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

1. A.M. 
I was about a bus-length and a half to two bus lengths away from the corner of 6th and Jeff when the #4 Southland Park started to pull away. A man half a length in front of me ran to catch the bus. I did not. I could hurry and catch that bus if I wanted, but I'll just wait for the next one, I said, so we crossed Jefferson and continued down 6th Street. The bus comes every 12 minutes and it's a nice walk to the Chestnut Street stop.

Except the next bus was 10 minutes late, which meant I waited 22 minutes, which is longer than the length of my ride to work once I get on the bus. The longer I stood at the stop, the more ready I was to just turn around and walk home.

2. P.M.
The afternoon bus was just a few minutes late. The driver wore a beret and had a heavy foot. Surge forward, heavy braking. Surge forward, heavy braking. Ran a light near Central Park. A new driver got on at the Broadway stop and then charged ahead with the same determination. We drove right past the Chestnut stop, which looked like it was getting a new shelter. One shelter was on a trailer and another was on the sidewalk. The next day, though, the shelter at the stop looked exactly the same as had been there previously.

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